Sunday, 13 May, 2007



Iqbal said...

you have my full support

Iqbal said...


Dear Professor Shivaji Pannikar & the Faculty of Fine Arts

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King.

Congratulations MSU Fine Arts Faculty.

I salute you for fiercely protesting this ‘barbaric’ invasion of your institution and this abridgement of freedom of artists by this illegal encroachment, by those undesirable elements in power.
The more educated and cultured would have resorted to a more effective protest that is intellectual, if necessary educational, firm as needed, but without offensive language or threats of aggression.

Giving money and power to those in positions of authority is tantamount to giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys.

Magnifying this issue beyond realistic proportions for self gain and political mileage only serves to reiterate what the Father of Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “he who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Galvanise and mobilize.
Boycott this political assault against artistic freedom and autonomy.
Never apologise for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologise for truth.

Do not waiver in your support of Dr. Shivaji Pannikar, a true academic, an epitome of integrity, professionalism, dedication, commitment and justice.
I feel honoured and proud to have been your student years ago.

Stand united and do not succumb to threat, do not allow these vandals to accomplish an extinction of natural feeling, narrowing of the spiritual field of vision and destruction of all the deeper elements of character in man, vital attributes that they lack.

Had we, the humans all over the world, been a little bit tolerant of other’s views, men like Socrates and Mahatma Gandhi would have died their natural death.

Be assured that your struggle, your sacrifices is not only gaining national, but international momentum and support, and the perpetrators, international disgrace and condemnation.

Iqbal Abdul Haq
(Head of Art & Design- Gulf English School- Kuwait)
ex-MSU Art History student.

Cherian said...

Dear Shivaji Panikkar, we are all moved by the tragic developments that took place in your dept. especially the arrest of your student. I understand that Chandramohan comes from a family background that we should take some care about. What is his condition now. Do you think he needs some help. Kindly let me know.
Well we know each other though we haven't met.You have contributed an article to the volume - "The cultural formation of Kerala" which I happened to edit. Today I went back to the volume and to read again your article on the 'Temple architecture of Kerala' Thank you. I hope you didn't inspire your hapless student to draw gods!!. I was wondering when did we start treating nudity as obscene? Well these are occasions which also tells us about our limitation as artists and academics. Well I wrote this to tell you we are all with you
Cherian PJ, Director KCHR TVM

sufi said...

i do hope that justice prevails in this completely lop-sided battle against dim-witted, warped, uninformed minds.

good luck shivaji! hold in there.

anahite contractor