Sunday, 13 May, 2007

Artists unite against moral police. Supriya Sharma NDTV.COM


sunworshiper said...

Everything said and done, the society we live in and the sentiments of the society we live in cannot be undermined, the local politician everyone knows why he made a issue out of all this, to gain public milage, we have given him exactly that...from a lukha reputation he made it to the national news..exploting a helpless one realises that we allowed him to do the boy first get him out first and then save the freedom of the boys freedom at this tender age is more important then anything attack,religion,art, moral police, media....ha ha the problem is that a boy made an unknown error according to some(let the courts decide) and a opportunist politician made the most of it and we are just discussing and not doing anything to take the boy the boy and then everything else is is more important then everything..

manjri said...

As an artist who predominantly paints nudes, I think it stands to reason that I speak.
As a born brahmin, married brahmin, divorced brahmin, but entirely non-religious person, I ought to speak.
As someone who considers the human form and the human relationship worthy of worship, I must speak.
As I try to express empathy, I become silent.
For I cannot understand human intolerance. I am actually awed by it.
My heart goes out to every artist who ever suffered religious or political bigotism.
May millions of us paint and exhibit the human form in all its majesty!