Sunday, 13 May, 2007

comment RS

Shaji has expressed exactly what many persons like me feel.M F Hussain and other artists time and again take liberties in the subject matter of art. Hinduism is the most liberal of all religions. Hinduism does not impose compulsory visits to temples, observing fasts or daily rituals. Persons who defame religious icons whether in private examination hall or in an art gallery must take responsibility for the anguish caused to the sentiments of their hindu brethren.
Do they not know of the fatwa on the renowned author and the recent objections to Danish cartoons?
Niraj Jain has been given an opportunity to thrust himself to the limelight by this issue and he has grabbed it. Every chota politician whether Cong/BJP/SP/etc. never misses such a chance i. e. unless he/she is propelled by dynastic politics to rule over us.


sunworshiper said...

i agree, if we are the better, intellectual and liberal people we need to take precautions so that any political party or an individual does not take advantage.

kwachilka said...
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kwachilka said...

Yes, Hussain and others took liberties but they took liberties in line with the the tradition dating back to many centuries. If some decent guys chose to clad your deities in colourful clothing and cheap trinkets and moulded your sensibility accordingly, you have only to blame your shortsighted piety. Every artist worth his salt would look down in contempt on your tinsel deities. They would prefer the enduring works to the cheap art that inspires your ilk. The fetishism of clothing and trinkets passes as decency only for the unimaginative and bigoted.

ranju said...

Let these HIndu (im)moralists go to Kumbh mela and force the nude and ganja-smoking HIndu saints to be "moral"... Let them go to all temples and teach their gods and goddesses 'morality'...Let them go to go to Varanasi and fight Widow prostitution in the name of Hinduism...

kaveri said...

Why isn't the so-called obscene painting being made visible to everyone? Where is the freedom of expression in this country? I'm a Hindu. My sentiments are not hurt. Does that count for nothing? Anyway, how on Earth was something that wasn't for public display get "juried" by the VHP, BJP, and police? Who invited them?

I believe that Chandramohan had depicted Saraswati painted on a cross. If that is so, then this whole incident has only proved his point! What else is this moral policing and goondaism in a university campus, and suppression of the freedom of expression, but a crucification of Saraswati?

Kashmiri artists said...

Heading Artists angry at intervention
Srinagar, May 14: The artist community of Valley have strongly condemned the intervention of “politically motivated religious groups” in the internal affairs of Fine Arts Faculty in Baroda and beating up of students.
“The group had no right whatsoever to demoralize the students and the faculty of Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts and the eminent artist and Professor Shivaji Panikar,” the artists and teachers said during a protest held inside the Institute of Music and Fine Arts College here Monday to express solidarity with the victims.
“This act of pure vandalism and fascism not only overshadows the art scene in Gujarat but can be taken as an excuse by other extremist forces outside the state waiting to follow the example,” the artists said.
They requested all the artists, intellectuals, writers and the civil and cultural society of India and abroad to pressurise the government of Gujarat to immediately release the student and apologize to the faculty members and reappoint Professor Shivaji Panikar as the Dean faculty.
The culprits responsible for the act should be punished, they said.