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Hi Friends, joins the protest against the Hindu fundamentalists vandalism at the Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. brings you the latest happenings from the ground zero, Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. Please log on to to know the latest news and developments in Baroda. We update our site daily in order to cover the artists' protests happening all over India. We take it up as our moral responsibility.

As you know by now, a final year MFA (Graphics) student, Chandra Mohan was arrested on 9th May 2007 on the false charges levelled against him by a BJP leader Niraj Jain. Chandra Mohan is accused of representing Hindu Gods in indecent forms. Chandra Mohan's work constitute a part of his examination submissions and it was not meant for public viewing. Hindu fundamentalists entered the Fine Arts Faculty premises without prior permission and disrupted the examination procedures. Instead of arresting the hooligans who tried to vandalise the college, the Baroda Police arrested Chandra Mohan on false charges. He is now in Jail. He was denied bail and it is believed that he would be released only on Monday, provided the court finds time to do so! Meanwhile, the students of the faculty put up a show of images from Indian cultural heritage, which showed nudity expressed in aesthetic forms. It was a non-violent method to make the fundamentalists aware that India had a great level of tolerence and aesthetics. However, this show also was brought down by the hooligans with the help of the Pro Vice Chancellor of the M.S.University. The acting dean of the faculty, Shivji Panikkar refused to comply with the authorities and he was suspended from his official duties without prior notice. Various protest meetings have been organised by the artists community all over India.

In order to express solidarity with the protesting students and faculty members, the Delhi Art Community will gather on 14th May (Monday) 2007 at 6 pm at the Lalit Kala Akademy Lawns. requests all the artists, intellectuals and responisible citizens of Delhi to join the protest meeting on Monday.

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anshu said...

Vasudha Thozhur’s exhibition opens on May 14 at Vadehra Art Gallery, Okhla. The same day colleagues and friends in New Delhi, Bangalore, Cochin, Mumbai, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata and Santiniketan will be marching in support of incarcerated art student Chandramohan and the staff and students of Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda.

We therefore wish to use the occasion of the opening of Vasudha’s exhibition to generate more support for a movement which is of immediate urgency.

We enclose what we propose to do in Gallery premises between May 14 and May 28:

In the light of current events in Baroda, following the arrest and imprisonment of a young art student from the Faculty of Fine Arts, we wish to express our solidarity with friends and colleagues who have been forced into direct confrontation with right wing / fascist elements in the city.

Freedom of expression goes with a certain responsibility, yes, but it works both ways – or in several ways.

Increasingly, in Gujarat, there seems to be only one way.

We will invite views on the predicament that is assuming a nation-wide urgency.

We will ask people to use the paints and markers to express their views and treat a room as your canvas/space. Alternately they can make recordings of what you wish to say in a one-touch recording provided at any of the four Listening Posts. The material generated will be compiled into a living document of continuing dissent against forces which seek to curtail creative expression – and life.

Onir said...

It is a matter of concern to all artists that the freedom of expression is attacked in such a shamefull manner in a democratic society. It is been happening for years in the name of being sensitive to certain religious/cultural sentiments.
We cannot let this happen any more and every individual who keeps silent and does not protest is contributing to the the death of democracy. Please join in to protest against this shamefull act

Irene said...

I read about this in the papers too, and it is a sad sign of things in our country, especially Gujarat. Tolerance is such a necessity in these times.

Kinjal said...

These events are ridiculous and only show the degrading levels of the education system in Gujarat and in the country on the whole, as a result of the increased indulgence of the so called Hindu fundamentalists. If this is so, then, as Deeptha ma'm has said in one of her mails, English teachers should stop teaching Ulysses or Psychology teachers should stop teaching Freud's psychosexual theory of personality development, in fact, the Medicine faculty should be banned altogether!!!!! What crap. what the VC needs is perhaps a GET WELL SOON CARD! Time to go the Munna bhai way...

Kinjal said...
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kulbhushan said...

***Something i found on the Times of India site***

The Chancellor of the once esteemed MSU has made absolutely no efforts at even maintaining the once looked-upto standards of the University, so the Chancellor is a far cry away from "reviving" it.

The Problem begins at the top

1)Why do we have a novice greenhorn lecturer(pls note:Not even a Full Professor) as our 'leading light'?!?!?WHy is it that a nobody (academically speaking) like Mr. Manoj Soni is made V-C of MSU??The answer lies in perhaps his closeness to the CM.

2)So what is the solution?!?!WHy can we not have academicians of repute as our V-C??!?People with experience??!?People who have been associated with MSU since the last 20 years, for example?!?!?I am sure we have currently at least 4 Former Vice Chancellors as academicians and faculty!!If they were good for other places of high repute, why not our own MSU?? Or Is it a case of 'ghar ki murgi daal barabar'???

3)We need people of repute and courage and people with experience at some sort of management!!Dr.Anil K. , who held term before Mr. Manoj Soni was a shining example!!

4)Because of politicalisation of the campus, student unions have been exceptionally aggresive--be it during their election time, or on a day-to-day dealing.We also need to ensure(how i dnt know) that we students select sensible people to represent us.People with a certain calibre and not those who have hung around the campus since the alst 10 years.

5) It would be great if we can form a petition of sorts or bring out series of articles in the local newspapers to harbour awareness regarding the same.

6)Mr. CM has to realise that 'vibrant gujarat' came much after 'garvi gujarat' and it the the garv of gujarat,that MSU is and is being eroded.Its a legacy bestowed upon us --Mr. CM, please ensure you do not trod upon sacred academic portals , in your, and indeed OUR quest into making Gujarat the Garv of India!!!

Patel said...

There nothing to do with CM or any political party.To protect culture and religion cant be monopoly or obligation of perticular Organization,it is of every person.
So there is not a question of personel or party at all.
Just think for a while that can we display/hung paints of our naked parents in our living room ? or at any public place ? so why should we support Dr.Pannikar and student like Chandramohan? they must be learnt lesson.

So insted of supporting these freedon arts,lets oppose in full swing

Yunus said...

I am pained to know the development at Faculty of Fine Arts. The excess committed by right wing affiliated goons in the name of religion and culture is highly deplorable.

We at Faculty of Fine Arts have evolved a culture of high standard of work, dialogue and critical assessment of issues. The institute has always espoused and nurtured a liberal outlook which tries to contain within itself diverse and many a times opposing views. I have been teaching in various institutes of national repute for the past many years. However when I look back, I have not yet come across a more liberal institute in our country than the Faculty of Fine Arts. It is this liberal attitude that makes us feel proud of belonging to it.

I would like to express my solidarity with all the Faculty, Staff, Students and especially Shivaji Pannikar in this hour of need. I would also like to express my admiration for all of them for fighting for a cause that we have held so dearly on the campus.

Yunus Khimani

gossip master said...
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archana hande said...

Dear All,
Please consider signing the following petition against the recent outrage at MS University Baroda.