Saturday, 12 May, 2007


Thanks for taking the right initiative to fight the facist ... I am
totally disturbed to see the vandalism by safforn goons as well self
appointed moral watch man in our university campus..
who the hell are they to take the law in thier hand and manhandle the
artist.. If a peice of art of an artist disturb the sentiment of so
call hindu cadres they simply dont have any right to enter the fine
arts collage premises and beat the artist.. In which soceity we are
living ?...

Being an alumn of the university I strongly condem the action of
officer bearer of M.S University ... Are they become political slave
of Modi Govt....Is not it the job of authority of academic institution
to save its students from illegial attack.. Why after 48 hrs no bail
effort has been made by university.. Its a shame.. !

I whole heartedly support effort taken by you and other former teacher
to put a strong resistence for this kind of behavior..

shame .!..shame ! ...shame ! ... its high time civil society of
vadodara , artist fraternity and other like minded peeple come forward
and see that real culprit get judicial punishment... I will also urge
you that, on your capacity pls file a PIL in higher court againts
the university administration and governemnt concern.. University
officer bearer can not act like a political agent ...

Punish those safforn goons , punish the authority and finally I pray
that the said artist should get justice..

best of luck buddy..lets start a signature protest campign and present
to central and state government for action..


Best regards

B.Bhattacharya ( Bhutu)
(A former student of M.S.U)

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Kashmiri artists said...

We the artists of Jammu and Kasmir strongly condemned the gruesome intervention of politically motivated religious groups inside the internal affairs of Fine arts faculty in Baroda and beating of innocent students, who with no right whatsoever demoralized and dehumanized not only the student Ramchandra but the faculty members of Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts most notable the eminent artist and professor Shivaji Panikar.
This act of pure vandalism and fascism not only overshadows the art scene in Gujarat but can be taken as an excuse by other extremist forces outside the state waiting to follow the example. This threat should not be taken so lightly because it questions the basic right of human expression which can not be denied with any kind of reasoning.
We the teachers and students of Institute of Music and Fine Arts Srinagar therefore on the 14th of May hereby declare that this event as the most condemnable act and a dark day in the history of creative arts. We therefore request all the artists, intellectuals, writers and the forbearers of civil and cultural society all over India and abroad to put the government of Gujarat into pressure to immediately release the student and apologize to the faculty members and reappoint Professor Shivaji Panikar back as the Dean faculty and punish the culprits and goons responsible for the act.

Sajad Hamdani