Thursday, 31 May, 2007

Condemn repression of artists in M.S.University,Vadodara by M.S.Thimmappa Former Vice Chancellor,Bangalore University.

Closure of the exhibition of students paintings in the Fine Arts Department of M.S.University,Baroda by the so called activists and the University authorities is highly condemnable.University is the promoter and torchbearer of freedom of thought and expression.The Vice Chancellor of the university has committed dereliction of his primary
duty.India all through the ages has been nurturing divergence of ideas,faith and actions.The actions of those so called Hindu Activist is truly un-Indian.I express my solidarity and support to the group which is spearheading the protest, let us keep on protesting till the authorities rescind their heinous actions.

Former Vice Chancellor,
Bangalore University.


Robin Shukla said...

Its no big deal that a man like Modi has won in Gujarat.

The votes are receipts of thanks from the post Godhra rioters.

These are the people who looted and raped and murdered with impunity at his goading.

These are the very people who crawl outside the doors of embassies of Western countries wanting to get in to those largely Christian nations, but at the same time harrass and mistreat Christians in Gujarat. Their soulmates in other RSS run states of India continue with their own agenda of ill treatment and sidelining the minorities.

The mandate does not exonerate Modi but rather exposes the lack of morality and conscience of the Gujarati, which have been subordinated by petty mercantile considerations.

In short, no big deal! Modi is a murderous bastard. They are many such bastards in Gujarat. They voted. He won.


prakruti dalal said...

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