Tuesday, 15 May, 2007

Chandramohan set free - Judge says he did not have mala fide intention, nor was he a threat

Express News Service
Posted online: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 0000 hrs

VADODARA, MAY 14 : MSU student Chandramohan was released on bail today after five days in jail on charges of “objectionable art work” and threatening national integration. Senior Civil Judge M J Parashar in his order said Chandramohan had not painted with mala fide intention, neither was he a threat to public peace if released. The judge also observed that the student had no criminal background. Niraj Jain, who lodged the complaint in the first place, has decided not to move the Gujarat High Court in the matter.
Parashar granted Chandramohan unconditional bail for Rs 5,000, which was paid by faculty of fine arts teacher Santosh Das, following counsel Narendra Parmar’s arguments. Parmar is a former syndicate and senate member of MSU. However, Chandramohan was ordered to notify the police if he planned to leave the state or country while the case was on. After his release at around 5 pm, only Parmar and the media were present to meet the student.
When asked whether Chandramohan would pursue the case in the Gujarat High Court, Parmar refused to answer and said he would take a decision later.
Meanwhile, university authorities denied permission to MSU alumni and artists from all over country to enter the fine arts faculty premises today. But the protesters went ahead with their of show of solidarity for Chandramohan and suspended faculty dean Shivaji Panikar, as they milled around the faculty gate.
However, things turned ugly when an ABVP-led group arrived at the spot and hurled abuses at the peaceful demonstrators. They even targeted human rights activist Shabnam Hashmi who was in city to support the demonstration. Finally at around 3 pm, the ABVP group forced the alumni association members to disperse.


Manjusha said...

The positive side of the entire episode is that democracy is in place and the judicial system maintains its unprejudiced commitment to the constitution!
BUT what comes as a surprise and paradox is that the ELECTED government of Gujerat is so small minded!

Manjusha said...

...and contrary to the spirit of the Indian Constitution!

സൂത്രധാരന്‍ said...

ABVP, the young thugs of Sangh thuggee just did what could be expected of them. We know, they killed a professor last year. Ghouls run government here. A blot on civilization, Gujarat is.